Scientifically Sweet: Peach Jam in all its Glory

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peach Jam in all its Glory

I decided that this Spiced Peach Jam is so dang good that it deserves a post all on its own.

If you're like me and you've hoarded all of this season's succulent and intensely flavourful peaches, here's a way to do them justice and make them last past their time.

Making homemade jam is simple and rewarding. But, there are some rules.

Oh, I know what you want to say right now - to heck with rules! You just want to have fun in the kitchen don't you? I completely agree. Fun is good - I condone and promote hella fun times, but jam is science and science has rules. Food rules can be fun though and they're simple anyways so no more whining. Ok?


Introducing the rule: If you are thinking of cheating on the quantity of sugar called for in this recipe, then snap out of it! Maybe you forgot way back in May when I outlined the steps on how to make Fresh Strawberry Jam. No worries, it happens. Go on and refresh your memory.

You need at least 55% sugar in the final product in order for the jam to set properly. So, grab your bushel of peaches, your canister of sugar, a fresh lemon and some spices. Follow the recipe with precision and your whole world will soon get better...

55-65% Sugar + 0.5% Acidity + Natural fruit pectin = Pectin Gel = Delicious Jam

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  1. I made this jam this weekend. Oh My God. Phenomenal! I made 5 jars and canned them. I gave away 2 of them (and it was a struggle to let them go-- I wanted to keep them all to myself)

    Luckily my dad bought me some more peaches so I'll be making more next weekend.

  2. How lovely! What a wonderful gift to give away.

  3. Christina,

    The above recipe calls for 6oz of sugar for 14oz of peaches which is 45% of sugar. Therefore your "equation" is not quite right: "55-65% Sugar + 0.5% Acidity + Natural fruit pectin = Pectin Gel = Delicious Jam" Please clarify, thanks!

  4. @Cindy Hi Cindy - the recipe requires 55% sugar in the FINAL product. Once the fruit boils and the water evaporates, the concentration will be about 55% sugar at least.


  5. Christina, thank you for the clarification. :)

    If the *final* product has 55% sugar concentration, is there a way of measuring this? Or is this just an estimate?

    I'm new to jamming and I'm trying to figure out a "formula" to make jams/preserves without following a recipe.


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