Scientifically Sweet: Strawberry Apple Tarts

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Strawberry Apple Tarts

Ok. I have a strange thing to tell you.

I have this weird obsession with chocolate chip cookies and brownies.

I mean....I can't stop making them.

I know how to make them. I have several great recipes for them. But yet I can't stop playing around with the recipes. Sometimes I increase the brown sugar, sometimes I lower the flour, sometimes I bake them longer, sometimes I lower the oven temperature, sometimes I eat three cookies worth of raw dough.....

It goes on and on and on....and on.

Instead of hangin' out, relaxing, maybe watching some television or reading a book...a cookbook of course....I spent the last few hours, let's say between 9 and 11:30 last night making two batches each of brownies and cookie dough.

Seriously? What is the deal with this?

Jonathan was reduced to playing some weird iPod app game where a bird or a mouse or something gets ejected into the air by its own farts only to collect coins in the air. Ok, again, seriously?

I've come to the conclusion that this obsession with baking chocolate-laden recipes that I really have no need to test, nor do I need them around the house - trust me! - is deeper than just an urge to bake.

It's really a way for me to eat loads of dark chocolate and raw batter without really noticing or considering it as actual consumption since I eat it while I'm making it... This is totally not right and I probably need therapy. Oh lordy.

In the midst of all of this chocolate madness, I was able to sneak some fruit in.

How about some individual Strawberry Apple Tarts? That's pretty hard to resist. Ok fine, I ate one of these too! Jeez.

These are very simple to make. I fit some sweet pastry into little 4-inch tart pans and fill them with some fruit that's mixed up with sugar and spice. I give them several minutes in the oven and they bake up like little juicy pies, except the fruit stays just a wee bit firmer. You can even top them off with a dusting of icing sugar and serve them up with some vanilla ice cream. That would be killer.

I like to leave the peel on the apples for these tarts too. It looks pretty against the red strawberries.

So the moral of the story is that when you get in a chocolate/raw cookie dough rut, bake something with fruit in it to make you feel better. Problem solved.

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  1. they look so cute and delciioous..

  2. Wow do these look spectacular - your photography is exquisite.

    And I love your problem solving in terms of how to deal with a chocolate obsession. I'm going to go fix myself some strawberry tarts now, so that I don't jam my face with more chocolate.

    Thanks for the post and recipe!!

  3. What beautiful tarts! There's nothing wrong with having a brownie/chocolate chip cookie obsession. I do too! But it is good to step away for a while (even if it's just one day) and eat some fruit! :)

  4. These tarts look sooo pretty and I bet they are tasty too!

  5. Wow these tarts look amazing! I'm known for doing my baking late-night too. Nice job!

  6. Brilliant looking tarts! And I think your chocolate-fruit philosophy is spot on ;)

  7. I hear ya on the obsession with brownies and chocolate chip cookies...every time I see a new recipe, I just have to try it. But I, too, like to mix it up every once and a while...and your tarts are a perfect distraction!

  8. Goodness this tart looks so delicious! I love your yummy photos, too!

  9. Mmmm....fruit...I can count this as health food right. ;)

    I love the cookie/brownie obsession...experiment on!

  10. I'm loving all the brownie/cookie love that's happening right here.

  11. I think it's so cool that you bake at night or in your spare time at all. At least you aren't lazy like ME!! I would love to have brownies and cookies around the house, but I'm just so lazy about it. I am thinking that I'll make some mini tarts tomorrow. I feel the urge ;)

  12. While you are in therapy, can I come over and eat all of the left over cookies and brownies? Oh and I'm going to need to eat several of those tarts as well.

  13. These look so very cute and tasty! Definitely the perfect cure for a chocolate obsession... not that you need a cure for that!

  14. Oh I suffer from the same aliment! Making chocolate chip cookies and brownies is like an obsession with me, I could make a batch every day.

  15. that tart does look delicious and its fruit so its healthy!!
    but lets get back to that chocolate!!
    and I want that game for my IPOD!!

  16. Inviting apple tarts, loved the vibrant and refreshing colors !

  17. After baking a batch of chocolate cookie I made this tart yesterday and it has already disappeared...

  18. These tarts look beautiful and delicious! Saw them on foodbuzz top 9, congrats! :)

  19. This tart looks so fresh and yummy. Great recipe!

  20. I just made these, and they were amazing! I made them in muffin tins so they were much smaller, and I ended up having a lot of fruit leftover. Thought I'd make some more tonight!

    1. Lovely that you enjoyed them! What a perfect way to welcome Spring :)

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