Scientifically Sweet: Scientifically Sweet Cookbook is out!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scientifically Sweet Cookbook is out!

I can't even....just wow.... like, umm....yeah...

Scientifically Sweet is officially available and ready for you to lay your eyes on her! This is a day I've dreamed of for a long time...something that felt like it was a bazillion years away. And now, here it is and I'm so happy you are with me right in this moment. 

Get your baking pans out. Dust your counter top with flour. Fill up your sugar canister. Pull that butter from the freezer. Stock up on chocolate!

I'm so excited! (It's taking all my strength to stop myself from pressing "shift" + "1" and holding it down for 6 solid seconds). 

I've been working on this book for years, making sure that everything is just perfect for you. And here it is!

There was a lot of paper involved. I'm going to plant exactly 9 trees to make up for it. 

PS. I'm not a cop. 

It is available for sale through Amazon right now and it comes with FREE shipping.

You can also purchase a copy now from my eStore, which is a great idea if you live in Canada.

If you choose to purchase from my eStore, I'm giving you 15% off! 
Just enter this discount code: CA3HZ79U 

There are 252 pages of blow-your-mind problem-solving tips, over 100 brand new recipes paired with over 100 colour photographs.

The recipes and directions have been tested at least 5 times over so they are as straight as arrows. No kinks, just great recipes.

Each chapter begins with "The Secret Life Of..." which is filled with really amazing information about the science of your sweets. There are plenty of hints that will save you when you think something might go wrong.

Do you find yourself always asking "why" when there are specific instructions in a recipe? Ever think "why can't I just put it all in a bowl and mix it together". I'll tell you why. You will feel so smart.

Wanna know how to get that shiny wrinkly top on your brownies every time? Got it covered.

Here's a look inside. Eeeek!

Love chocolate chip cookies? Do you like them chewy (I do!). I've got some secret ingredients to help you make the chewiest CCC's ever. 

Why did your chocolate chip cookies spread flat like pancakes? Page 23 will tell you why.
"Troubleshooting" should be Scientifically Sweet's middle name.

Why do you need a thermometer to make candy?

Salted Chocolate Caramel Tartlets. You know I went there.

Step aside lemon curd because Strawberry Curd is taking over.

You don't need to go specialty shopping to make jam. All you need is fruit, sugar and acid. I'll tell you why.

You can learn about foams and why egg whites can fill out like shaving cream. Learn what stabilizes foams and the big role they play in making delicate French macarons.

Perfect pie dough? You will become a pro.

You will never buy chocolate truffles again once you learn how easy they are to make. Since chocolate can be quite finicky though, there are a few techniques to know so that you can make silky smooth ganache. I spilled all of the secrets.

Ever think you could make candy at home? You totally can. And you can give it away wrapped in pretty jars with a bow (or you can just eat it all. I never judge).

And that handsome devil on the cover? Yup. He's in there.

Now that you've been somewhat introduced to my book, I hope that Scientifically Sweet can be formerly introduced to your kitchen. Make a mess of her. Get some batter splatter on her. Use her!

I hope this book will make you a better baker and, most of all, inspire you. I am inspired by thousands of different people and things that I see every day and I only hope that this book can do the same for you.

Thank you for always coming by here and looking at the sweet, buttery things I like to bake and eat...and then eat some more.

With love and chocolate,


PS - check back for promos to win a FREE copy!

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  1. Wow, it looks great, Christina!!! Love the glossy pages and the color photos. Congratulations!!! I hope this book creates a lot of buzz and does really well :o)

  2. Btw, will there be a "Look inside" option on Amazon for it? I think the book could potentially benefit from that. I'm personally interested in seeing the index or table of contents to see what type of recipes are included in the book. For instance, does the book include any yeast recipes? Thanks!! :o)

  3. AHHH! I must have this! How exciting!

  4. Congrats, it is always good to see a fellow blogger get published! I am sure you will sell quite a few, just the sneak peak here convinces me of that. Be proud of your achievement!

  5. Looks fantastic! Congratulations!!

  6. Very happy for you! How did you make this happen? As someone who once thought I wanted a career in publishing (I was wrong - it was brief - books & I remain friends) I am always impressed by folks who get published. Your book sounds like Harold McGee and Alton Brown had a baby and named her Dessert. Love it. :)

  7. This book sounds absolutely amazing. You are a wealth of knowledge. I am so proud of you. This is such a huge accomplishment.

  8. This looks fantastic - the book I've always been wanting to read! Will we be able to get it in the UK?

  9. Beautiful book, SO excited for you!! Definitely on my "to buy and bake" list! I try many of your recipes, and love your writing style and voice, so it's just thrilling to see you release a fantastic cookbook out of all your hard work! I hope there will be many more to come. :)

  10. The books looks beautiful! I can't even imagine how excited you must be. I love the science aspect of how food works, as well, and will definitely have to check this out. :)

  11. Hi! Wonderfull your book! I really would like to by a copy!
    Congratulations Christina!
    From Fabiano Brazil

  12. Congratulations! Publishing a beautiful and scientific book is no easy feat. While at first put off by the price ( wood floors this year), as a fellow scientist it's much less than my regular books not to mention reference ones. Over the years I've collected many cookbooks and inherited many from one of mom's friends. They were packed away a few years ago while working on the house and, surprise, have not retrieved a single one! Now more discriminating, a splurge on this which will answer many of my "why" questions which, imho, is extremely important, makes it more palatable. Thanks!

  13. I'm so excited just bought it!! I went to your estore and used the discount code (thank you - so easy!) and now I have to wait a while for it to be shipped. I can tell it will be well worth the wait!!


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