Scientifically Sweet: The best things in 2012

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The best things in 2012

Two Thousand and Twelve has got to be one of my favourite years in the whole 27 that I've been around so far. It shares a close place with the year I discovered the beauty of dark chocolate in the form of Dove chocolate foil eggs in my Easter basket. I was like...13, but that year changed everything. Mucho thanks to you, creepy Easter Bunny! Oh, and that year I got my first hampster, Mortimer... I was pretty stoked about him.

A lot has happened in the last 365 days. Not all things have been happy happy and light bright, but I have learned a lot about life, accomplished goals that have been set years ago, seen great displays of natural beauty, met new and incredible people and ate all sorts of new foods from around the world. 

After years of hard work and 8.6 lbs later, I published my very first book Scientifically Sweet. I believe in it about as much as I believe in wearing elastic-waist anything during Christmas dinner. I have faith that stretchy pants will let me breathe after 2 serves of lasagna, 3 slices of ham, mashed potatoes, 1 slice of cheesecake, 6 truffles, 3.5 cannoli and 5 glasses of wine. I also have faith that this book will inspire you to bake more and eat well every day.

This year I have received so many lovely e-mails from so many of you amazing readers. You've come to me with awesome questions, awesome comments and kind words. I love you all and so look forward to reading those messages.

If you have my book, I hope you feel my love because I put a hug in every page. I hope you also go into a few chocolate comas from all the baking (don't worry, it's safe...and blissful. Enjoy).

Even though I've gained a ton of knowledge, new friends and fond memories, I also lost a big part of me. My Nonna left this big crazy world this year, but I feel incredibly blessed just to have spent so much time with her. I learned a lot from this wonderful lady. One really important thing she taught me: "If you don't fart, you die". I'm not kidding. She said those things and it makes me laugh. But more importantly, she taught me unconditional love through 60+ years with my Nonno. And she would still tell me how much she was in love with him. Beautiful.

I went through a lot... A LOT of butter, flour and chocolate this year. I don't really want to say how much. Let's just sweep that under the carpet.

I walked the halls of ancient ruins.

Ate the best pineapple of my life.

Remembered how fun it is to ride in a wheel barrel.

Stepped into a really, really old and well-seasoned kitchen.

Picked up a hitch-hiker.

Watched a silver sunset.

Have you had an avocado milkshake? Lushhhhhhh! The Vietnamese know what they're talking about.

They also make the very best most incredible I-wanna-drink-you-all-day coffee EVER.

Condensed milk belongs in everything.

I stepped foot on some incredible deserted beaches.

The sunsets....seriously.

Two Thousand and Twelve ended on a firey note with the most explosive fireworks display I've ever laid eyes on. Stunning.

I hope this new year brings you more smiles than your face can handle.

I hope you live your dreams and keep dreaming while you're doing it.

Aim high and keep your eye on that prize.

We're living!

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  1. A very happy New Year to you too. Sorry for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful lady.
    Thanks for being so generous and sharing wonderful and well-thought-out recipes on your blog. I've made several recipes and loved them all. I'm looking forward to baking more of your recipes in 2013 (immediately on my to-bake list are the Brownie Cake and the Vanilla Cupcakes). So far my fave is the Double Choc Banana Muffins :)

  2. Happy New Year Christina!

    Thanks so much for your blog - and for answering all of the questions I've managed to send ;) I'm very sorry about the loss of your Nonna, as Hanaa said above, she sounds like she was a wonderful lady.

    Here's to a new year filled with more wonderful travel opportunities and great new foods! Looking forward to whatever you have to share with us as well.



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