Scientifically Sweet: Chocolate - 107 decadent, delicious, insanely chocolatey recipes! Plus, science of chocolate and baking, tips, tricks, substitutions, history of chocolate, origins and how it's made!

Scientifically Sweet - problem-solving tips, techniques, food facts and over 100 brand new and delicious recipes with more than 100 colour photographs!

Scientifically Sweet is a self-published bakebook, and it is a result of more sweetness and butter than you can dream of. All of the tips and baking science info that I think is important to successful baking is crammed in there to give you the best baking reference you could have in your kitchen.

I started writing Scientifically Sweet (the book) many years ago, and somewhere in the process I started this blog to share recipes and baking science tips while I was at it. So, this blog is based on the the concept of this book. The recipes are all unique and they're not found here on this site, which means you'll have to buy more butter!

The book has a food science spin on it with sections before each chapter that outline and explain the science behind the desserts we love. Like...

What creates that shiny, wrinkly crust on brownies?

Why do cakes come out tough and dry, and how can you prevent it?

What makes the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie? ...And how to make it chewy, thick or tender.

What is the importance of cooking temperature when making candy?

It's all there, and more.

Each and every recipe is accompanied by a stunning full colour photo so you can see exactly what you should expect. The instructions are explained in detail for your convenience.

I can't wait for you all to see it!

It is available for sale through Amazon right now and it comes with FREE shipping.

The recipes and directions have been tested at least 5 times over so they are as straight as arrows. No kinks, just great recipes.

Each chapter begins with "The Secret Life Of..." which is filled with really amazing information about the science of your sweets. There are plenty of hints that will save you when you think something might go wrong.

Do you find yourself always asking "why" when there are specific instructions in a recipe? Ever think "why can't I just put it all in a bowl and mix it together". I'll tell you why. You will feel so smart.

Wanna know how to get that shiny wrinkly top on your brownies every time? Got it covered.

Here's a look inside. Eeeek!

Love chocolate chip cookies? Do you like them chewy (I do!). I've got some secret ingredients to help you make the chewiest CCC's ever. 

Why did your chocolate chip cookies spread flat like pancakes? Page 23 will tell you why.
"Troubleshooting" should be Scientifically Sweet's middle name.

Why do you need a thermometer to make candy?

Salted Chocolate Caramel Tartlets. You know I went there.

Step aside lemon curd because Strawberry Curd is taking over.

You don't need to go specialty shopping to make jam. All you need is fruit, sugar and acid. I'll tell you why.

You can learn about foams and why egg whites can fill out like shaving cream. Learn what stabilizes foams and the big role they play in making delicate French macarons.

Perfect pie dough? You will become a pro.

You will never buy chocolate truffles again once you learn how easy they are to make. Since chocolate can be quite finicky though, there are a few techniques to know so that you can make silky smooth ganache. I spilled all of the secrets.

Ever think you could make candy at home? You totally can. And you can give it away wrapped in pretty jars with a bow (or you can just eat it all. I never judge).

And that handsome devil on the cover? Yup. He's in there.

Thank you for always coming by here and looking at the sweet, buttery things I like to bake and eat...and then eat some more.

With love and chocolate,


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  1. I hope it will be able to have one in France!!

  2. arrrghhh... I just hate your pics... 'cause I can't eat them!!!! :) Congrats for the book!

  3. I can't wait for your cookbook!!

  4. oooh, can't wait! i'm a math/science geek who now has the luxury of time to incorporate two of my loves. i also love piano:ever notice how many math/science peeps are musical? with both sons now married across the country it provides opportunities to send favorite recipes as well as new ones (what? you don't HAVE a KA mixer? springform pan? the list goes on...) keep up the great blog and experiments.

    1. Thank you! How nice is it that you send recipes to your sons.

  5. I can't wait for the new cookbook!! I'm an engineer, so I love your scientific approach to baking!

  6. Wooow! This book seems awesome, really love your way of writing! It is so inspiring and fun at the same time. Every time I feel down I just read a couple of your entries and BOOM I suddenly feel more inspired and happy again!
    You don't think your book will be sold in Sweden by the way? :)

    1. How sweet, Heidi. Thank you! I believe ships to Sweden!

  7. Those look so good, Such an awesome collection! Whenever I see roundups like this, I cannot help wishing we could all get together and sample each and every one of these!

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